Dinosaur Fever is a Documentary programme.

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Dinosaur Fever

For over a decade Paul Sereno has combed the globe in search of dinosaur remains. He's certainly made some remarkable finds in his time. His discoveries have included some of the world's oldest and most primitive prehistoric predators; in one unforgettable find he unearthed the first complete skull of a Herrerasaurus.

His field work began in 1988 in the picturesque badlands of the Andes in Argentina; his aim was to find more complete remains of some of the earliest dinosaurs ever found. In 1991, Sereno returned to the Andes where he discovered a small skeleton belonging to a new species called Eoraptor. Later, he shifted his efforts to Africa and the Sahara Desert in an attempt to explore how continental drift and the isolation of land areas had affected the evolution of the dinosaurs.

Expeditions to Niger in 1993 and Morocco in 1995 resulted in many discoveries, including the first skulls and skeletons of dinosaurs from the cretaceous period. From 130-million-year-old rocks in Niger came a 27-foot-long predator called Afroventor, while 90-million-year-old rocks in Morocco yielded the first skull of Carcharodontosaurus, a massive predator with shark-like teeth, rivalling the largest T-Rex skull ever found.

Follow the distinguished career of this talented palaeontologist and join him as he continues to uncover more ancient secrets shielded from man's eyes by the sun-scorched sands of the Sahara.

Genre: Documentary