China Between Clouds and Dreams is a Documentary programme.

China Between Clouds and Dreams is a 4 star programme

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China Between Clouds and Dreams

The series of stunningly beautiful documentaries with unique access to the private side of China reaches its conclusion. Novice monk Gama begins his studies at the largest Tibetan monastery in China. Wumingsi is a breathtakingly beautiful city of bright red wooden houses, home to 20,000 monks and nuns. Little Gama befriends Zhou Jia, a hugely charismatic monk dedicated to saving snow leopards. Through Gama's eyes, we witness a sky burial and the widespread poisoning of pika, the key animal of the grassland. In central China, reporter Xu leads his band of volunteers in the fight against 'electro fishing', the mass killing of fish with electricity. His story climaxes with an unprecedented attack upon him by the People's Daily. Beleaguered and alone, he faces humiliation. And from Beijing comes news of the results of the National Competition. Do the four young journalists have a chance? And what of China's future? Is there hope for the next generation?

Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)

4/5 Stars

When is China Between Clouds and Dreams next on TV?

It's next showing on Channel 4 February 23rd, 4:10am and on Channel 4 Plus 1 February 23rd, 5:10am. See more...