Car Crash Britain Caught on Camera is a Documentary programme.

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Car Crash Britain Caught on Camera

Footage of Britain's most shocking road accidents, jaw-dropping driving and miraculous near misses - caught on camera by the people at the very centre of the action. The real-life drama on the nation's roads is captured by cameras on drivers' dashboards, bike helmets, smartphones and CCTV. This episode includes the man who nearly gets taken out by an unsecure load on a van, more road rage incidents, and the man taking lessons in how to handle aquaplaning after his terrifying incident on the motorway.

Also known as "Car Crash Britain ** **"

Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)

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It's next showing on itv Anglia Tomorrow, 10:55pm and on itv Border (English) Tomorrow, 10:55pm. See more...