Bizarre ER is a Documentary programme.

Bizarre ER is a 2 star programme

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Bizarre ER

Bizarre ER is a brand new series that follows the most unexpected, unusual and weird cases from A&E departments around the UK. The incredible accounts of people who have been caught in bizarre accidents and lived to tell the tale will also be retold through light-hearted cartoon reconstructions. Checking into Bizarre ER this week is a lady who has hooked a keyring through her finger, and an aspiring sailor who lost a chunk from one of her appendages. Plus, we relive a car accident involving a woman and a fencepost. Narrated by Tom Davis.

Genre: Documentary

2/5 Stars

When is Bizarre ER next on TV?

It's next showing on E4 March 28th, 10:00pm and on E4 Plus 1 March 28th, 11:00pm. See more...