Alex Polizzi: Chefs on Trial is a Documentary programme.

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Alex Polizzi: Chefs on Trial: Miners Arms Heat 3

Series 1, episode 7

Alex Polizzi takes on the difficult challenge of finding head chefs. She tackles the Miners Arms, a gastropub in the Forest of Dean. Mario and Karen Constantinides have found it impossible to find a new head chef to help them transform their menu from good pub grub to a destination restaurant. They have now turned to Alex for help to find the right person. With another successful candidate selected in the previous episode, the final three candidates are ready to be put through the gruelling interview process. This time, the candidates are faced with wild boar for their skills test. Welshman Matt proves to be cool and well prepared, but is his food too fancy for a gastropub? Family man Adam suddenly changes direction with his signature dish - will this risky move make or break his chance to get through to the next interview? There is only one place left in the final, and the pressure is on.