Ready, Steady, Cook

Two chefs and members of the audience put their best efforts into producing, in only 20 minutes, an interesting meal using ingredients valued at no more than £5.00. The ingredients are supplied by the audience and not the chefs to make things a little more challenging. At the end of the show the audience vote on which chef they think deserves to win.

An entertaining show which is popular with housewives and students. Interest in this kind of show has spread across to the atlantic and there is now an American spin off called "Ready Set Cook".

Stop Press

Ready, Steady, Cook, have got in touch with us. The show needs your help. If you have a passion for food and an original, eye-catching problem you want Ainsley Harriot and his chefs to solve in the new series, beginning in the autumn 2008, they'd like to hear from you.

Email Ainsley and the team at:

Genre: Cookery

Main Cast

Wayne Sleep
Kelly Knox
Ainsley Harriott


Ainsley Harriott...Presenter
Worrall Thompson...Presenter
Phil Vickery...Presenter
Image for Fern BrittonFern Britton...Presenter