Best of Both Worlds is a Consumer programme.

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Best of Both Worlds

Paul Abbott's latest drama brings a fresh take on fidelity and family, loyalty and lust.

Diane Sullivan (Alice Evans) has it all: a handsome, devoted husband, Martin (Jo Stone-Fewings). A share in a thriving family restaurant. A jet-set career as an air stewardess. Good friends and - best of all - a lively and loving eight-year-old son, Jack.

However, when she meets enigmatic businessman Mark Landucci (Cal Macaninch) on a flight to Bologna, she finds her life taking an unexpected - and potentially catastrophic - turn.

At first Diane is simply drawn by the adventure of posing as the intriguing stranger's wife at a dinner party. With Mark unaware of Martins existence, what harm can it do?

But soon Diane has fallen for Mark and his Anglo-Italian family, led by his father, William (James Cosmo). And despite dire warnings from her closest workmate, Karen (Carol Stark), she begins organising her work schedule so that Martin accepts three-day stopovers in Italy as routine. But can she really have the best of both worlds?

Genre: Consumer

Running Time: 50 minutes (approx)

Main Cast

Image for Cal MacaninchCal Macaninch
Image for James CosmoJames Cosmo
Alice Evans
Jo Stone-Fewings
Carol Stark
Ewan Phillips