What the Future? is a Comedy programme.


What the Future?

Living longer. As we all live longer, soon the elderly population outnumbers the young. The multiplexes are crammed full of sex romps starring Bill Nighy and soluble ham is a big seller. Soon, the Baby Boomers take over. While young people starve and suffer, the old blow billions on sending Danny Baker to the moon. But the population shrinks, and the elderly take drastic measures to solve the problem, creating something called a Sentient Organ Sac. It doesn't go well. Kirsty Wark presents a documentary from the future... With Alice Scott-Gemmill, Ewan Bailey, Roslyn Hill, Hannah Genesius, Monty d'Inverno and Paul Heath. Recorded 30 years from now, What the Future plunges into the world of tomorrow and investigates how decisions and actions concerning the current topics of today could have massive repercussions on our later lives.

Genre: Comedy

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)

When is What the Future? next on TV?

It's next showing on BBC Radio 4 Extra January 24th, 11:00pm. See more...