The Catherine Tate Show is a Comedy programme.

The Catherine Tate Show is a 4 star programme

Image for the Comedy programme "The Catherine Tate Show"

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The Catherine Tate Show

Comedy sketch show. With an extraordinary ear for mimicry, and a sure sense of character and comic timing, Catherine Tate presents a stable of unique and quirky characters.

Genre: Comedy

4/5 Stars

Main Cast

Sue Elliott-Nicholls
Gargy Patel
Rhona Martin
Sue Elliot-Nicholls
The Divine Comedy
Gordon Anderson
Georgina Rich
Niky Wardley
Image for Paul OPaul O'Grady
Image for Paul WhitehousePaul Whitehouse
Nigel Betts
Andy Dennehy
Aschlin Ditta
Martin Akehurst
Lorna Brown
Jennifer Rae Daykin
Elana Binysh
Image for Catherine TateCatherine Tate
Image for Roger AllamRoger Allam
Selina Cadell