Rude Tube

Alex Zane presents a countdown of the 50 funniest, rudest and most bizarre video clips to take the internet by storm. From dancing prisoners to skateboarding dogs, the video viral revolution has made nobodies into superstars as millions around the world watch their antics online.

Genre: Comedy

3/5 Stars

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Main Cast

Image for Alex ZaneAlex Zane
Matt Kirshen
Esther Dere
Oliver Herington
Matt Robins
Simon Feilder
Conor Butler
Sarah Campbell
Lola-Rose Maxwell
Tom Levinge
Jos Cushing
Megan Macqueen
Richard Downs
Nick Mavroidakis
Anna Abenson
Simon Balch
Image for Johnny VegasJohnny Vegas
Paul King
Tom Gill
Mert Rich


Image for Alex ZaneAlex Zane...Presenter