Monty Python's Flying Circus (1969)

Often abbreviated to "Python", "Monty Python's Flying Circus" was a classic comedy series aired between 1969 and 1974. It was written by its stars and follows the 'sketch show' format with the occasional recurring character. Terry Gilliam rarely appeared in front of the camera and was mainly responsible for the animated links between groups of sketches. The team went on to shoot three full-fledged movies: "The Holy Grail", "Life of Brian" and "Meaning of Life". Additional spin-offs included "Live a the Hollywood Bowl" and "And Now For Something Completely Different", both of which consist mainly of sketches from the TV series with some variations.

The team are famous for their surreal and absurdist comedy, which inspired whole generations of young comedians. While not the first to try the surrealism form of comedy--credit usually goes to Spike Milligan's "Goon Show" radio serials and his later 'Q' TV serials as the original pioneers of this form--it is undoubtedly the most successful attempt, due in large part to the writers also proving to be good actors in their own right.

The electronic equivalent of 'junk mail' is often referred to as "spam" in a reference to a particular "Python" sketch, and there is even a programming language called "Python" in honour of the series.

Genre: Comedy

Production Year: 1969

5/5 Stars

Classification: PG Certificate

Production Country: UK

Main Cast

Image for Graham ChapmanGraham Chapman...Alex Diamond/Wingco/General/Mrs. Mock Tudor/Third Program Planner/Mansfield Vermon-Jones Father/Various, First Psychiatrist/Reporter/Father/Mrs. Smoker/Dentist/Housewife/Second Jockey, Mr. Neutron/Lumberjack/Eskimo/Various, Valerie Garibaldi/Female Fansha
Image for Terry JonesTerry Jones...First Tramp/Reverend Charlie 'Drooper Hyper-Squawk Smith/Bovril/Presiding General/Nude Organist/Mrs. Elizabeth III/Chief Program Planner/Various, Hamlet, Mr. Garibaldi/Lady Organs/Male Fanshaw-Chumleigh/Pepperpot Dad/Mr. Williams/Mrs. What-a-long-name-thi
Image for Eric IdleEric Idle...Cap. Carpenter/Mrs. Smailes/Chairman/Prime Minister/Continuity Announcer/Various, Dr. Natal/Michael Charlton/Second Assistant/Mrs. Non-Gorilla/Brian MacThighbone, Radio Voice/Mrs. Garibaldi/Professor/Male Fanshaw-Chumleigh/Pepperpot Mother/Brigadier N. F.
Image for Michael PalinMichael Palin...GPO Official/Mrs. Entrail/Commander/Mr. Smailes/Italian/Secretary of State/Voice of Teddy Salad/Conjurer/Various, Second Tramp/Len Hanky/Pilot/Col. Fawcett/'It's' Man/Second Program Planner/Various, Third Psychiatrist/Policeman/Mr. Gabriello/First Radio A
Carol Cleveland...Nurse/Carol, Nurse/Girl's Voice, Rebecca Vermon-Jones, Various Roles
Image for Terry GilliamTerry Gilliam...Aging General/Military Defense Counsel/Security Man/Various, Kevin Garibaldi/Pepperpot Son/Animated Opera Singer, Various Roles
Bob Raymond...'Dad', Real Eskimo
Neil Innes...Hesitant guitarist, Singing Airman
Connie Booth...Ophelia
Peter Brett...Door-to-Door Martial Arts Salesman
Douglas Adams...Ulverston Road Pepperpot