Millie Inbetween is a Comedy programme.

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Millie Inbetween

Comedy drama series about modern family life. Determined to win the school's big Eco Challenge, Millie goes green and insists the whole family make do without the internet for a week. Mike is not hard to persuade, so off goes the wifi! Craig and Lauren are livid and join forces to out-green Millie until she cracks - no hot water, no lights, no heating. Dad is cynical about Millie's chances of changing the world, and when Fran finds out why, she takes him on a journey into his own past. When Millie's favourite band release their new video exclusively online, she is caught in her own green trap, and Craig and Lauren relish seeing the tables turned.

Genre: Comedy

When is Millie Inbetween next on TV?

It's next showing on CBBC August 25th, 4:30pm and on CBBC August 25th, 5:00pm. See more...

Main Cast

Jeremy Edwards
Richard Lumsden
Jaye Jacobs
Millie Innes
Tallulah Greive
Hannah-Jane Fox
James Bachman
Theo Stevenson
Elaine Sperber