Marion and Geoff is a Comedy programme.

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Marion and Geoff

Take a drive with award-winning mini-cab driver Keith Barret (Rob Brydon), who remains eternally optimistic, despite never even getting a fare because his radio isn't tuned to the right frequency.

Seperated from his adulterous wife, Marion and their two sons, who now live with Marion's lover Geoff, Keith spends his time navigating the streets, not only in search of that elusive fare but also confessing the dead-ends and wrong turns his life seems to have taken.

Keith has a rather unique view of his wife's affair: "I don't feel like I've lost a wife, I feel like I've gained a friend. I would never have met Geoff if Marion hadn't left me."

Knowing that his two sons are more than well provided for by Marion and Geoff, Keith convinces himself that his "two little smashers" regard their dad as something of a hero.

"I prefer them to think of me as a sort of elusive figure in his car ... I'm elusive in the fact that I travel around a lot, a bit like Zorro but without the mask. I couldn't wear a mask in this job - it could create more problems than it would solve."

In fact, the only elusive factor in Keith's life is his long-awaited first cab fare, so he takes a day off and heads across the Channel to meet Marion, Geoff and the boys for a day in EuroDisney.

Genre: Comedy

Running Time: 10 minutes (approx)

Main Cast

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Regina Freedman