Join the hilarious Gail Porter and the beautiful Chris Addison for a joyful trip through the best of this week's stuff from the Web. With bizarre fetishes, an original weekly game and a whole variety of web stunts, it's a little bit naughty and a whole lot of fun.

dotcomedy is the TV comedy entertainment show all about web culture. Be it e-mails, mail-rounds, weird pictures and lots of naked people, the Internet knows no boundaries - and neither do its users.

The infamous presenters, Gail Porter and Chris Addison, check out the clips, pictures and jokes currently flying around everyone's desktops each week - from the shocking and the silly to the downright rude.

The programme also profile the web heroes currently ruling cyberspace, talk to celebrity guests about their best bookmarks, and learn all about the world that week according to the Net.

As a little extra the show will dig a little deeper into the world of the net and navigating the information superhighway with a few well-placed stunts.

This is most definately quite a rude show at times hence the show time - so be warned.

Produced by : Drew Pearce

Executive Producers : Sebastian Scott & Henrietta Conrad

Production Company : Princess Productions

Genre: Comedy

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)