Alex Edelman's Peer Group is a Comedy programme.


Alex Edelman's Peer Group

Personal. Nominated for this year's main Edinburgh Comedy Award, and winner of the Newcomer in 2014, American comedian Alex Edelman is back for a second series of his show PEER GROUP in which he takes a comic look at what it's like being a millennial today. After episodes about social media, politics and materialism, this episode is all about growing up and how he feels personally; living as a rootless millennial with no home and no family. At 29, is he an adult yet? When will he become an adult? Or indeed feel like one? Is he part of a generation that's increasingly stunted emotionally? And is the intenet responsible? He also looks at modern relationships, both in terms of what one expects from one's parents as well as modern attitudes to picking your partner. We also hear from Alex's "peer group" - comedians Alfie Brown, Jak Knight, and Brandon Wardell, journalist Rebecca Nicholson and cultural commentator David Burstein.

Genre: Comedy

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)

When is Alex Edelman's Peer Group next on TV?

It's next showing on BBC Radio 4 Extra December 18th, 7:30am and on BBC Radio 4 Extra December 18th, 5:30pm. See more...