Thunderstone is a Childrens programme.

Seasons in Detail



Futurisitic Australian children's series set in a world after Earth is hit by a comet.

The main character, Noah Daniels, his family and other survivors live in an underground colony in the year 2020. The planet's surface is now too cold to live on and all other animal species have been destroyed.

The children are taught the biology of the extinct animals with the aid of a reality simulator, called a holodeck. Noah is fascinated by these animals and secretly returns to the holodeck at night to explore the animal kingdom on his own. But when the guards find him, Noah finds a way of using the machines to travel back in time.

He finds himself in a place called Haven, where the evil Tao is trying to mine a valuable blue thunderstone to get to power. Noah soon realizes that the thunderstone originated from the comet, meaning that he has actually travelled forward in time, and that his father's scientific work has allowed life on the planet's surface again. Now all Noah has to do is work out how to get home.

Genre: Childrens

Running Time: 25 minutes (approx)

Main Cast

Jeffrey Walker
Mereoni Vuki