My First is a Childrens programme.

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My First

Preschool observational documentary series. Join Ava as she goes to the dentist for the first time. Ava's mum explains what happens when you go to the dentist, then takes her for her first check-up. The dentist counts Ava's teeth and gives her a timer and chart to help her know how long to brush her teeth for. At home, Ava plays dentist and practises brushing her teeth. Ava and Mum then look at which snacks are good for her teeth. Ava brushes her teeth one more time before going back to the dentist for her next check-up.

Genre: Childrens

Running Time: 5 minutes (approx)

When is My First next on TV?

It's next showing on CBeebies Today, 12:20pm and on CBeebies Tomorrow, 5:35pm. See more...