Melody is a Childrens programme.

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Preschool mixed-media music show. Melody is a partially sighted girl with an incredible imagination who visualises stories and characters conjured up by classical music. Mum is unpacking a toy theatre with a paper princess, which leads her to tell the story of the Princess and the Pea. Mum gives Melody some princess music to listen to - Tahiti Trot by Shostakovich. Melody settles down to listen to the music and her imagination takes her into the animated story of the Princess and the Pea.

Genre: Childrens

Running Time: 10 minutes (approx)

When is Melody next on TV?

It's next showing on CBeebies Today, 12:50pm and on CBeebies Tomorrow, 12:50pm. See more...

Main Cast

Laura Bacon
Angharad Rhodes
Mark L. Lester