Hank Zipzer is a Childrens programme.

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Hank Zipzer

Nick McKelty oversteps the mark when he picks on Hank's little sister Emily. To get revenge, Hank decides to make the world's scariest haunted house, with the help of best friends Ashley and Frankie. Meanwhile, at the deli, Rosa grows increasingly infuriated with Halloween-hating Stan and ends up sending him home, where he discovers the flat turned upside down. At first he is furious with Hank, but once he hears about McKelty's bullying behaviour, Stan agrees to work with the kids to give McKelty the scare of his life.

Genre: Childrens

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)

When is Hank Zipzer next on TV?

It's next showing on CBBC October 30th, 4:20pm. See more...

Main Cast

Image for Juliet CowanJuliet Cowan
Neil Fitzmaurice
Jude Foley
Madeline Holliday
Nick James
Jayden Jean-Paul-Denis
Steve Hillman
Image for Katy BrandKaty Brand
Alicia Lai
Freedon Doran
Julia Carlile
Sian Edis
Sarah Johnson
Marvyn Dickinson
Adrianna Bertola
Image for Dominic ColemanDominic Coleman
Tommy Cannon
Anne Hornby
Image for Felicity MontaguFelicity Montagu
Jenny Galloway