Gigglebiz is a Childrens programme.

Gigglebiz is a 4 star programme

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Picture: BBC



Childrens sketch show featuring TV's worst DIY expert, a troupe of acrobats who have seen better days, and a weather presenter who has a knack of predicting weather that happens only to her.

Genre: Childrens

4/5 Stars

Main Cast

Image for Justin FletcherJustin Fletcher
Rod Arthur
Kate Alexander
Josh Elwell
Howard Goodall
Anita Dobson
Simon Grover
Cemahl Mullin
Julie-Alanah Breighten
Scarlett Murphy
Adrian Edmeades
Robbie Sims
Ellie Kirk
Jo Collins
Kassius Johnson
Sebastien Bisdee
Freddie Butterfield
Louis Labrosse
Polly Coombes
Tilly Ducker