Gigglebiz is a Childrens programme.

Gigglebiz is a 4 star programme

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Childrens sketch show featuring TV's worst DIY expert, a troupe of acrobats who have seen better days, and a weather presenter who has a knack of predicting weather that happens only to her.

Genre: Childrens

4/5 Stars

When is Gigglebiz next on TV?

It's next showing on CBeebies September 23rd, 5:05pm and on CBeebies September 24th, 5:05pm. See more...

Main Cast

Image for Justin FletcherJustin Fletcher
Julie-Alanah Breighten
Wayne Forester
Millie Chadwick
Simon Grover
Rod Arthur
Gary Cross
Christopher Driscoll
Sebastien Bisdee
Freddie Butterfield
Karl Magee
Tom Golding
Anita Dobson
Cemahl Mullin
Michael Webber
Howard Goodall
Richard Sutton
Amy Hollins
Tilly Ducker
Louis Labrosse