Art Attack is a Childrens programme.

Art Attack is a 4 star programme

Image for the Childrens programme "Art Attack"
Picture: ITV plc

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Art Attack

Neil Buchanan presents the popular children's television art programme Art Attack, stimulating creative outlets in all of its viewers!

Neil's been doing children's programmes for 17 years now, and comes up with most of his own ideas for Art Attack whilst in the shower or on holiday!

Art Attack has led to him making massive pictures out of many different things from chocolate to chips or even rhino's poo!!! Neil believes though that art should be fun and says his ultimate tip is not to be too neat and enjoy your pictures.

The other loved face on Art Attack is The Head, he shows the gallery of the viewers pictures, and amuses children with his funny comments and attempts at some of Neil's creations.

The over-all spectacle of the show has to be the large picture Neil creates out of different materials, on various locations. These works of art don't appear to form into any familiar shape whilst Neil is creating until the end when we see the image from the air looking down and if by magic an incrediable work of art has been created.

Art Attack is shown regularly on ITV and the Disney Channel, so tune in and try and create your own masterpieces with the useful hints and tips freely given out on every showing!

Presented by : Neil Buchanan

Genre: Childrens

4/5 Stars