Ag Ionnsachadh Le Blarag is a Childrens programme.


Ag Ionnsachadh Le Blarag

Detectibh Blarag: Daomhaireachd na Craoibh Caillte/Detective Connie: The Case of the Missing Flower. Gaelic children's cartoon. Let's play detectives with Connie. We have to help her find a tree with three leaves: one red, one green, and one blue. We need to count carefully, and not get the colours mixed up if we want to find the right tree.

Genre: Childrens

Running Time: 5 minutes (approx)

When is Ag Ionnsachadh Le Blarag next on TV?

It's next showing on BBC Alba February 27th, 5:20pm and on BBC Alba March 6th, 5:20pm. See more...