Opera on 3 is an Arts programme.

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Opera on 3

From Garsington Opera in Oxfordshire, Sara Mohr-Pietsch presents a performance of Handel's Semele. Semele is wisked away from an unhappy marriage to be Jupiter's lover in a heavenly realm. Juno. his wife, is not pleased, and conspires with Somnus, the god of sleep, to make sure that Semele comes to a bad end. From her ashes, though, arises Bacchus, the god of wine and ecstasy. Handel: Semele. Heidi Stober, soprano (Semele), Robert Murray, tenor (Jupiter), Christine Rice, mezzo-soprano (Juno), David Soar, bass (Cadmus/Somnus), Christopher Ainslie, countertenor (Athamas), Lilo Evans, soprano (Iris), Jurgita Adamonyte, mezzo-soprano (Ino), Mikael Onelius, tenor (Apollo), Christian Valle, bass-baritone (High Priest), Garsington Opera Orchestra, Garsington Opera Chorus/Jonathan Cohen.

Genre: Arts

When is Opera on 3 next on TV?

It's next showing on BBC Radio Three July 1st, 6:30pm and on BBC Radio Three July 8th, 6:30pm. See more...