A Shepherd in London is an Arts programme.


A Shepherd in London

Two tales about Scottish shepherd George Donald and his sheep in 1920s London. Read by Bill Paterson. Flocking to Selfridge's, by Jerome Vincent. It is 1925, and George Donald, a shepherd from Aberdeenshire, has brought his flock to graze in Hyde Park in order to keep the grass down. George is no stranger to the capital, but is always astonished by the way in which Londoners behave, likening the crowds in Oxford Street to mindless flocks of sheep. One day George bumps into a fellow Scot - a young man at the cutting edge of the next new thing. He is John Logie Baird, the inventor of television, and George is able to give him a word of advice.

Genre: Arts

Running Time: 15 minutes (approx)

When is A Shepherd in London next on TV?

It's next showing on BBC Radio 4 Extra September 28th, 11:00am and on BBC Radio 4 Extra September 28th, 9:00pm. See more...