Rex Hunt's Fishing Adventures

Australia's hottest TV personality is apparently Rex James Hunt. Originally a Victorian police officer, the big man with the big heart and big public following has come a long way.

Born in Melbourne's bayside area Rex now 49 years of age has two great loves in life - fishing and football. Rex has been doing both of his favourite activities from a very young age. Fished from the time he could dangle a line over Mordialloc pier and kicking a football in the street with his mates until snapped up by Australian Football League (AFL) club Richmond.

Rex soon graduated from a Victorian Police Cadet to Sergeant, his ability at his other two activities also rose through the ranks when he started his senior football career with the Tigers.

Rex's fishing business prospered thanks mainly to his enthusiastic personality. He launched into television in 1980 with 26 episodes of 'Angling Action' on the 0 (now 10) network. Then he went into radio in 1982 on 3DB with Rex Hunt's Fishing World. Even today 15yrs later it is still on air for two hours on Friday nights from 6-8pm.

Fishing, football and Rex Hunt all sit comfortably with each other. Australia loves the man who loves Australia; Rex's Fishing Adventures are "must see" viewing.

Presented by : Rex James Hunt

Genre: Sport

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)

4/5 Stars