DigiGuide Community

Below you'll find useful information, links to downloads, tools and add-ins that others in the DigiGuide community have provided.

DigiGuide Library

The DigiGuide Library is one of the largest sources of TV related information on the net. With tens of thousands of programmes, actors and episode guides you should be able to find what you want.
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DigiGuide Discussion Forums

The DigiGuide Forums are a great place to get help or advice on aspects of our product range. But is also a great source of interesting and amusing anecdotes on general TV information.
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DigiGuide For Windows Print Templates

DigiGuide includes an extremely powerful and flexible template driven printing system. This means anyone can customise the printing system to suit their needs, many of these enhanced print templates are available for download.
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DigiGuide For Windows Schemes

DigiGuide ships with several standard colour schemes but they may not be to your liking. Why not download some of the fabulous colour schemes created by the DigiGuide community. There are hundreds to choose from so you can be sure to find something that suits every mood.
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DigiGuide For Windows Scripts

Extend and enhance your DigiGuide experience. Add new columns to lists, override ToolTips and alerts, add extra functionality and menus. The power of DigiGuide Scripting allows you to customise many things to customise DigiGuide (only available in v8.3 or later).
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DigiGuide For Windows Image Libraries

Add more flexibility to your marker icons by adding image libraries (only available in v8.3 or later).
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DigiGuide For Windows Add-Ins

Extend and enhance your DigiGuide experience. Export your highlighted programmes to Outlook, record a programme on your TV card using ShowShifter or Snapstream or tweak DigiGuide's hidden settings. Many Add-Ins are available to customise DigiGuide just the way you want it.
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DigiGuide For Windows Markers

Increase the power of DigiGuide v6, with customised 'markers'. Current Markers include Favourites, Reminders, Video and Watch. Download some really cool markers that allow you to highlight programmes you want to see.
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DigiGuide For Windows User Channels

DigiGuide has an open system that can grab TV listings from external sources. Many people have taken advantage of this system to provide channels that we don't directly support.
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Listings Issues

Listings issues and errors happen to all TV guides and listings suppliers. The difference between them and us is how we handle those errors. We don't hide them away in a closed system or pretend they don't exist. Instead we have our open listings issues system.
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Developer Area

DigiGuide is fairly open and has many ways it can be extended. Whether you have skills with JavaScript, C/C++ or are just curious about what you can do why not take a look. You'll also find the ASP code for our popular discussion forums.
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