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Error processing SSI file

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 debugOut debugging function to write a message to the log file.
 enableDebug Enabled and disable debugOut going to the log file. debugOut is OFF by default.


 decompressFile Decompresses a given file and returns a string.


HTMLParserAllows easy HTML parsing with callbacks
      Constructor Creates an HTMLParser object.
      parse Parse the HTML. Can pass a string to control which tags you get callbacks for.
      onEndDoc Called when the end of the document has been reached.
      onGotComment Called when the parser comes across an HTML comment.
      onGotEndTag Called when he parser comes across an end tag.
      onGotTag Called whenever the parser comes across a tag.
      onGotText Called when the parser has some text from between the tags
MultiHTTPRequestAllows multiple concurrent downloads in an easy to use interface.
      addItem Add an item to download
      Constructor Creates a MultiHTTPRequest
      grab Begin grabbing all of the items that have been added.
XMLHttpRequestOur implementation of XMLHttpRequest. This is not related to, nor does it necessarily share features or limitations with, web browser versions.
      abort Abort the current download
      getAllResponseHeaders Get all of the HTTP response headers sent from the server
      getResponseHeader Get a specific HTTP response header value
      open Open a connection to use to make our requests.
      send Start the request
      setRequestHeader Set a request header to send to the server.
      onreadystatechange Override this to be notified when the state of the request changes.

Because we don't yet support async this is not needed.


CustomChannelA single channel to be added into the system
      reset Reset the data fields in this channel back to the defaults.
CustomProgrammeA single scheduled programme to be added into the system
      addKeyword Adds a keyword string to any existing keywords, adding a comma if needed
      addQualifier Adds a qualifier string to any existing qualifiers, adding a comma if needed
      reset Reset the fields of this programme back to the defaults.


GrabberThe grabber object responsible for all listings acquisition duties.
      Constructor Creates a Grabber object
      getOption Get an option value from the grabber's config file
      setOption Sets an option in the grabber's config file.
      onRun Event calback when the user decides to run this grabber.
ListingsProcessorThe main engine of the listings processor.
      addChannel Add a channel into the system
      addProgramme Add a scheduled programme.
      hasCancelBeenPressed Determine whether our script should stop or not.
      setProgress Set the progress, and a display message, for this grabber.

      writeLog Write something to the log file
SystemA system object providing some basic capabilities.
      getCountryCode Get the current 3 letter ISO country code for the machine we're running on.
      setCursor Sets the current cursor to one of the preset types
      shellExecute Run a program or open a file using the program associated with the file type.
      sleep Provides a delay. Handy for debugging or pausing execution of a web site grabber.
TimeZoneA class that allows you to convert date/times from one zone to another
      convertToUTC Converts given 'localised' date parameters to a UTC date object
      set Sets the time zone for this conversion object

User Interface

HTMLWindowProvides the ability for scripts to have a user interface.
      close Close the window.
      show Shows the HTMLWindow
      onFormSubmit Called when a form has been submitted.
 alert Shows a message box with the text passed and an OK button
 messageBox Shows a message box with given message string and specified choice of buttons and icon.

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Error processing SSI file