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Class: CustomProgramme


A single scheduled programme to be added into the system


Programme durations are not entirely necessary, its best to have them, but if they arent available then the system will calculate programme durations by taking the difference between the programmes.

Note: The last programme for a channel can't be automatically calculated so it is deleted.

Also note that if any programme for a channel has no duration then the whole list is automatically calculated overwriting any possible durations you may have put in.


 addKeyword Adds a keyword string to any existing keywords, adding a comma if needed
 addQualifier Adds a qualifier string to any existing qualifiers, adding a comma if needed
 reset Reset the fields of this programme back to the defaults.


 cast Cast list for the programme, separated by a comma.
 category Category for this programme e.g. Film
 certificate Certificate of this programme e.g. 15, PG
 channelName Channel name
 description Description use for this programme
 directors Directors list, separated by a comma.
 duration Duration in minutes.
 episodeTitle Title of the episode if there is one.
 keywords Ketwords, separated by a comma.
 name Programme name as it would appear in TV guides.
 originalAirDate The date of the first time this show was broadcast. Leave empty if unknown.
 qualifiers Qualifiers, such as Repeat or Stereo, separated by a comma.
 rating Rating, 1 to 5, for this show.
 runTimeMins The actual running time of this programme
 series Whether this programme is a series or not.
 startUTC Start time, in UTC, for this programme.
 year Production year for this programme.

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