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Class MultiHTTPRequest : addItem Method

void addItem( String id, String httpMethod, String url, String postData, Array headers, String userName, String password )


Add an item to download


String id ID used for this download.

This is your ID. It doesn't have to be any format or any special text. If you're downloading files to save then you could use this for the save filename.

String httpMethod Method used to grab. Only GET, POST, HEAD are currently supported.
String url Full URL you wish to download.
String postData Data you wish to POST to to the URL.
Array headers An array of strings, separated with colon (:)
String userName User name to use for authentication
String password Password you wish to use for authentication


	m.addItem( "logo", "GET", "", "", arrRequestHeaders, "", "" );
m.addItem( "home", "GET", "", "", "", "", "" );

m.addItem( "fatbird", "GET", "", "", "", "", "" );


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Error processing SSI file