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Class Grabber : autoUpdateURL Property

String autoUpdateURL;


URL DGLG uses to update the javascript file for this grabber.


The code below sets the autoUpdateURL. When the script is run DGLG will check the URL by doing a HTTP HEAD on it and if the date and time of the file is older than the date and time of the URL then DGLG will download the file.

var g = new Grabber( "Grabber Test Auto-Upgrade", "GBR" );
g.autoUpdateURL = "http://localhost/dev/dglg/javascript-grabbers/Grabber%20Test%20auto-upgrade.js";

g.onRun = function( lp )
lp.writeLog( "3" );

return true;


Build Build 3

(Last updated: October 12, 2007 15:23:22)

Error processing SSI file