DigiGuide External User Channels

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What is it for?

This is a new facility in DigiGuide v5 that allows anyone to produce channel listings for DigiGuide v5 or later.

From a broadcaster's point of view it is no more difficult than putting up a web page, from a user's point of view it's as simple as clicking a link and then selecting the new channel(s) within DigiGuide.

I want my channels in DigiGuide, what do I do?

Great, and you'll be surprised at how simple and easy it is, just follow the simple steps below:

  1. Create a channel description file
  2. Create a logo
  3. Create and maintain the schedule files

Really, that's all there is to it. Once you have these files in place you can test by downloading the DGC (channel description) file and choosing your new channels.

Quick Start - Download a sample and get started on your own channels now!

I'm a broadcaster, what do I do?

You can supply us with a channel information file that we will pull off your web site each morning and import into our database. This means that with no cost, and very little effort on your part, your channel is listed on all DigiGuide products and web sites and will be seen by hundreds of thousands of users.

If you decide you want to be officially listed, then your channel will get the same 'doorway' as the larger broadcasters and at the same time be seen by thousands of multi-channel subscribers. This means more potential viewers for your programmes simply because of the advanced searching capabilities of DigiGuide.

Full instructions are on our DigiGuide Channels for Broadcasters page.


If you want to promote your new channel we will gladly provide links to your pages and even actively promote it. Talk to us about it, I'm sure there is something we could do.