Give My Head Peace: No Country for Old Men

Series 14, episode 3

Directed by (unconfirmed)
Michael McDowell

Da and Cal are tasked by Mary Lou McDonald to get old Republican Seamy Sparkles to the Veterans Night safe, well and alive. Wheelchair-bound Seamy turns out to be a cantankerous nasty old character, prone to violence. He has a special grudge against Da who he accuses of being a tout and a traitor to the cause. Seamy demands a drink and Da pours him a whiskey even though Mairead has warned them under no circumstances to give him alcohol. Cal pleads with them to stop, but Seamy insists on matching Da drink for drink. It all ends in disaster when Seamy collapses and appears to be dead

Cast (unconfirmed)

Marty Reid
Tim McGarry
Olivia Nash
Paddy Jenkins
Alexandra Ford
Michael McDowell
Damon Quinn
Megan Catherine Thompson
Jo Donnelly
John Linehan