Elizabeth is a History Documentary programme that first aired in 2000.

The Virgin Queen has no rating, but Elizabeth is a 4/5 star programme.
4 star rating
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Elizabeth: The Virgin Queen

Series 1, episode 2

In the second part of this fascinating study of Queen Elizabeth I, historian David Starkey explores the tensions that strained the political and religious machinations of Elizabeth's reign regarding her reluctance to marry. The self-styled 'Virgin Queen' - devoted only to her country - signified a new era of unorthodox behaviour on the throne. Though her dalliances with potential suitors such as Lord Dudley provoked much speculation, it was her refusal to choose a spouse from France or Spain - powers that were a threat to the then slight nation of England - that worried the Queen's advisors. The programme also measures the threat presented by Elizabeth's cousin, Mary Queen of Scots.