Elizabeth is a History Documentary programme that first aired in 2000.

From the Prison to the Palace has no rating, but Elizabeth is a 4/5 star programme.
4 star rating
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Elizabeth: From the Prison to the Palace

Series 1, episode 1

In 1588, Elizabeth Tudor was crowned Queen of England. England was a fifth-rate nation at the start of her reign, but by the end of Elizabeth I's tumultuous 45 years of rule English forces had defeated the Spanish Armada and sailed around the globe. Elizabethan military power was matched only by a remarkable flourishing of English literature: it was the age of Shakespeare's plays and Spenser's poems. The first episode of this series, presented by David Starkey, focuses on Elizabeth's life up to her coronation. If her reign was full of glorious victories, her life before she was crowned was a perilous journey. Her father would kill her mother and Elizabeth would be disinherited, sexually abused and imprisoned at the Tower under threat of execution.