Embarrassing Teenage Bodies is a Health programme.

Teens Below The Belt has no rating, but Embarrassing Teenage Bodies is a 2/5 star programme.
2 star rating
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Embarrassing Teenage Bodies: Teens Below The Belt

Series 1, episode 4

Directed by (unconfirmed)
Vicki Cooper

This update provides another chance to see how the doctors helped the young people they met, and reveals the impact of the show and how some of the cases have progressed. This episode puts the spotlight on Britain's teenage sexual health time-bomb, toilet phobias and everything else that's festering below. With many teens leaving home at 18, the Embarrassing Bodies doctors decide to take their clinic to Fresher's Week to start their higher education with a course in safe sex. Unprotected sex is fuelling a chlamydia explosion which is causing youngsters irreversible damage. Dr Christian goes on a sexual health mission on the streets of Manchester and find out the sore truths that come with being a teenage mum. Patients in the Embarrassing Bodies clinic include Rhiona whose toilet phobia has swollen her bladder to twice its normal size; new mum Onitha, who's told she'll never have sex again; and Nicky, whose post-coital pain is threatening her relationship.