Embarrassing Teenage Bodies is a Health programme.

Bodies Behaving Badly has no rating, but Embarrassing Teenage Bodies is a 2/5 star programme.
2 star rating
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Embarrassing Teenage Bodies: Bodies Behaving Badly

Series 1, episode 1

In November the Embarrassing Bodies doctors took their clinic to teenagers. Now this updated programme reveals the impact of the show and how some of the cases have progressed. "Am I normal?" is the big question all teenagers ask as puberty strikes. Too many teens retreat behind their bedroom door, worrying unnecessarily about their health and leaving treatable conditions to fester, and so become long-term health problems. The Embarrassing Bodies doctors are determined to change this by giving teens the ultimate guide to what's normal, as their mobile clinic hits a music festival with 45,000 teens. Whether it's itchy, spotty, flaky or hairy: puberty can cause an eruption of body horrors and the doctors are putting teens under the microscope. They help Carly, who's devastated by her excess skin; four teenage brothers who still wet the bed; Charlotte, whose excess sweating is ruining her future; and Claudia, who's being bullied because of her extreme eczema.