Grand Tours of Scotland is a Travel programme that first aired in 2010.

Grand Tours of Scotland is a 4 star programme

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Grand Tours of Scotland (2010)

Paul Murton follows in the footsteps of the first tourists to Scotland. With a Victorian guidebook in his hands, Paul travels across the country tracing the changes that have taken place since the birth of Scottish tourism 200 years ago.

For centuries Scotland was regarded as a place to avoid, and early travellers complained about the terrible weather, bad food, poor roads and the uncouth habits of the natives. To find out what changed to make Scotland an internationally celebrated tourist destination, Paul recreates six Scottish tours suggested by a well-thumbed, 19th-century copy of Black's Picturesque Guide to Scotland.

Genre: Travel

Production Year: 2010

4/5 Stars

Main Cast

Image for Paul MertonPaul Merton
Kathryn Ross
Paul Murton