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BBC Africa Debate

What Will Fix Africa's Air Transport?: Flying across Africa is a challenging and expensive affair. Many airlines in Africa have a bad reputation - flights are expensive, delays are routine and customer service is poor. Often the quickest route, even over relatively short distances, is via Europe. That comes at a high price for travellers and businesses, for Africa's economies and for the environment. It is nearly 30 years since African governments signed the Yamoussoukro Decision, promising to open skies to competition. But that treaty - now often mockingly referred to as the Yamoussoukro Indecision - has still to take off. In this month's BBC Africa Debate we ask what it will take to provide efficient, affordable transport across the continent. Can Africa develop a home-grown air transport sector, or will it always be dependent on alliances with big carriers from outside the continent? If Africa needs a revolution in the skies, who is going to drive it?

Genre: Talk Show

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