Oil on Canvas is a Special Interest programme.



Oil on Canvas

This is a series of six programmes which investigates the themes of composition, portrait, light, perspective, colour, and brush.

Each episode uses the works of contemporary artists to explore these varying themes, giving you, the viewer, a unique view over the artist's shoulder.

As the artists paint, they reveal the secrets of their techniques and how they have been influenced by the skills of the great masters.

"Composition" sees Ray Richardson deals with composition. His picture presents an extreme challenge - it is so long and thin, when he works on one end, it upsets the balance of the other.

"Portrait" sees Tai-Shan Schierenberg tries to capture a likeness of Lord Hartington, heir to Chatsworth House. His unique approach means that he has to paint this portrait in a day.

"Light" sees two artists tackling light in very different ways. We see John Greenwood managing light and shade to heighten the drama in his still-life, whereas Len Tabner works quickly to try to capture fleeting daylight in his seascape.

"Perspective" sees two painters tackling this subject in different ways. Ben Johnson uses 4 miles of masking tape and a computer to create his perspective painting of a building, whereas Patrick Hughes subverts the rules of perspective to stomach churning effects.

"Colour" sees June Redfern, who is obsessed with colour, returning to Venice where she will try and capture the mood of the place in her own particular way.

Finally "Brush" sees John Virtue (a landscape painter) attacking his canvas avidly. However will this spontaneity help or hinder his cause.

Genre: Special Interest

Running Time: 45 minutes (approx)