Wilfred is a Sitcom programme.

Perspective has no rating, but Wilfred is a 3/5 star programme.
3 star rating
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Wilfred: Perspective

Series 3, episode 8

Directed by
Randall Einhorn

Originally Aired On: Thursday, 01 August 2013

Offbeat comedy series about a man who sees his neighbour's dog as a man in a canine costume. Unwillingly undergoing therapy, Ryan stirs up memories and visions that further complicate his relationship with Wilfred.


Image for Elijah WoodElijah Wood...Ryan Newman
Jason Gann...Wilfred
Dorian Brown Pham...Kristen Newman
Image for James RemarJames Remar...Henry
Image for Lance ReddickLance Reddick...Dr. Blum
Alex Weed...Conrad Del Fuente
Ursula Burton...Secretary