Los Dos Bros is a Sitcom programme.

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Los Dos Bros

Sitcom following the misadventures of two dysfuntional half-brothers (Darren Boyd, Cavan Clerkin).

This sitcom is hilarious and brand new UK comedy on E4. Darren Boyd and Cavan Clerkin, the stars of Los Dos Bros, talk about their hilarious new series below.

Cavan explains the premise for Los Dos Bros: "There's a back story that people don't get to see in the series where the two guys meet at a funeral and find out that they are both related to the guy who has died. They don't realise at the time but the dead man is actually their father. They discover that they have inherited his house but there is a clause in the will that states they have to live in it together. Part of the deal is that they are required to attend therapy once a week. It's the fathers last request that they make a go of things."

Darren stresses that "the therapy doesn't necessarily solve all of their problems but it does provide them with a weekly opportunity to vent their frustrations. Having a third person involved created the added element of how the characters behave in front of an authority figure where they have to make much more of an effort than they would at home. In the sessions they go through everything that they should have gone through when they were toddlers, there's a lot of bickering. In some ways they're like a married couple." Cavan points out that for the amount of time they spend with the therapist "the brothers don't really listen to her. The therapist is a really useful narrative device for jumping backwards and forwards in time but she also has the function of bringing the brothers together as a unit. "

Cavan describes his character as being an "80's retro man, he's very childlike and always on the point of boiling over. He's one of these guys who is not really sure what he's about. He's got a new gadget and a different look in every programme. He's also a bit of an adrenaline junkie, he's into dangerous sports but he can't really afford to fund them so he has to make do with his BMX and skateboard."

Darren found his character "fantastic" to play but admits "he's an idiot, in fact he's the worst type of idiot. He thinks he's superior to everyone and constantly tries to belittle Cav's character. He couldn't be trendy and cool if he tried, so rather than trying to conform to everyone else's standards of what's cool he steps outside of normal conventions and tries to invent his own cool. He does this by dressing like a cowboy; this becomes like a uniform for him. He's an outsider, a drifter and socially he's completely inept."

Cavan concludes: "Everything the brothers do is disastrous, they're a completely hopeless pair but that's not to say they don't really love each other. Los Dos Bros is in the tradition of classical slapstick and the brothers are the classic odd couple." Darren is in complete agreement: "We wanted a style of performance that was very low key and to marry that with the physical comedy. There's a certain innocence in old fashioned comedy that we tried to capture and hopefully that comes across in the series."

Los Dos Bros on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays starting May 14th at 11.10pm

Genre: Sitcom

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)

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