Four O'Clock Club is a Sitcom programme.

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Picture: BBC

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Four O'Clock Club

Comedy about two brothers at the same school - one of them a pupil and the other one a new teacher. When the school's last remaining keyboard blows a fuse, Josh decides to help raise funds for new musical instruments by staging a charity auction. But without any valuables to give to the cause, Josh opts to donate Nathan's stuff instead.

Genre: Sitcom

When is Four O'Clock Club next on TV?

It's next showing on CBBC Tomorrow, 2:25pm and on CBBC October 31st, 9:55am. See more...

Main Cast

Akai Osei
Jason Callender
Tom Rolinson
Khalil Madovi
Oscar Lloyd
Ruby Morgan
Jade Alleyne
Ben 'Doc Brown' Smith
Daniel Kerr
Dystin Johnson
Simon Lowe
Sarah Schoenbeck
Grace Mcintosh
Victoria Carling
Cara Jenkins
Chloe Davison
Riley McCormick
Myles Keogh
Lewis Brindley
Ella Marshall-Pinder