Four O'Clock Club is a Sitcom programme.

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Picture: BBC

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Four O'Clock Club

When Nero gets paired with science genius Polly their tricky relationship means it may not be just their volcano experiment that's going to erupt.

Genre: Sitcom

When is Four O'Clock Club next on TV?

It's next showing on CBBC Today, 11:05am and on CBBC Today, 11:30am. See more...

Main Cast

Akai Osei
Jason Callender
Lewis Brindley
Daniel Kerr
Jade Alleyne
Simon Lowe
Grace Mcintosh
Chloe Davison
Sarah Schoenbeck
Ella Marshall-Pinder
Dan Wright
Victoria Carling
Riley McCormick
Cara Jenkins
Daniel Wright
Dystin Johnson
Mischa Eckersley
Doc Brown
Rohan Green
Steve Hillman