Colour: The Spectrum of Science is a Scientific Documentary programme.

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Colour: The Spectrum of Science

Series in which Dr Helen Czerski uncovers what colour is, how it works and how it has written the story of our planet - from the colours that transformed a dull ball of rock into a vivid jewel to the colours that life has used to survive and thrive. But the story doesn't end there - there are also the colours that we can't see, the ones that lie beyond the rainbow. In the first episode, Helen seeks out the colours that turned planet Earth multicoloured. To investigate the essence of sunlight Helen travels to California to visit the largest solar telescope in the world. She discovers how the most vivid blue is formed from sulfur atoms deep within the Earth's crust and why the presence of red ochre is a key sign of life. In gold, she discovers why this most precious of metals shouldn't even exist on the surface of the planet and in white, Helen travels to one of the hottest places on Earth to explore the role salt and water played in shaping planet Earth. episode 1.

Genre: Scientific Documentary

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)

When is Colour: The Spectrum of Science next on TV?

It's next showing on BBC 4 July 3rd, 8:00pm and on BBC 4 July 4th, 2:50am. See more...