Doctor Who: The Empty Child

Series 27, episode 9

After chasing an unexplained capsule through time, the TARDIS lands in London, during an air raid. Rose investigates when a small child wearing a gasmask, standing on a rooftop, continuously calls out for his mummy. After floating above the city on a barrage balloon, Rose is swept off her feet by another time traveller, Captain Jack Harkness. Meanwhile, The Doctor follows a teenage girl to a meeting for the homeless children of the Blitz. Here, the child in the gasmask is terrorising them with a parade of strange events, constantly asking for his mother.


Image for Christopher EcclestonChristopher Eccleston...Doctor Who
Image for Billie PiperBillie Piper...Rose Tyler
Kate Harvey...Nightclub Singer
Albert Valentine...The Child
Florence Hoath...Nancy
Image for Cheryl FergisonCheryl Fergison...Mrs. Lloyd
Damian Samuels...Mr. Lloyd
Image for John BarrowmanJohn Barrowman...Jack Harkness
Robert Hands...Algy
Joseph Tremain...Jim
Jordan Murphy...Ernie
Brandon Miller...Alf
Image for Richard WilsonRichard Wilson...Dr. Constantine