Doctor Who: Rose

Series 27, episode 1

The barren years for fans of Doctor Who are over, and for once, the hype was right as Christopher Eccleston joins the sci-fi elite as the new Doctor, with Billie Piper as his new sidekick. When Rose Tyler meets a mysterious stranger called the Doctor, her life will never be the same again. Soon she realises that her mum, boyfriend and the whole of Earth are in danger. The only hope for salvation lies inside a strangely familiar blue box.


Image for Christopher EcclestonChristopher Eccleston...Doctor Who
Image for Billie PiperBillie Piper...Rose Tyler
Image for Camille CoduriCamille Coduri...Jackie Tyler
Noel Clarke...Mickey Smith
Image for Mark BentonMark Benton...Clive
Elli Garnett...Caroline
Adam McCoy...Clive's Son