Doctor Who: The Caves of Androzani

Series 21, episode 6

Written by

Originally Aired On: Friday, 20 January 1984

Classic adventures in time and space currently back with an almighty bang. The Doctor and Peri arrive on the apparently deserted planet of Androzani Minor, but they soon discover strange tracks leading off across the sand into the caves. The Fifth Doctor's final story sees him seemingly fatally poisoned. Is it time for a change?


Image for Peter DavisonPeter Davison...The Doctor
Janet Fielding...Tegan
Mark Strickson...Turlough
Polly James...Jane Hampden
Denis Lill...Sir George Hutchinson
Glyn Houston...Col. Ben Wolsey
Jack Galloway...Joseph Willow
Frederick Hall...Andrew Verney
Keith Jayne...Will Chandler
Christopher Saul...Trooper
Christopher Wenner...Second Trooper