Go Fish! with Will Millard is a Nature programme.

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Go Fish! with Will Millard: The Carp

Series 1, episode 3

Directed by (unconfirmed)
Tom Bowman

The presenter examines the world of carp fishing. Carp anglers spend days on end, guarding their rods on the side of ponds that have been heavily stocked with fish, ready to be caught time and time again. They sleep in tents by city centre ponds, medieval castles and industrial docks - anywhere they can to get the monster carp they crave. It is fast becoming the most popular form of fishing, drawing in youngsters and women to the sport. Will wants to find out why, so he immerses himself in its realm, attempting to beat his personal best from a very unlikely fishing spot in Cardiff city centre

Cast (unconfirmed)

Will Millard
Tom Bowman
Steve Robinson