Ronan in Concert (2000)

For a guy who was thrown out of his school choir, Ronan Keating's not done badly. The charismatic Boyzone front-man has shown himself more than just a pretty face and has continued to add strings to his bow, presenting the Eurovision Song Contest, MTV awards and the Miss World competition - all done with a knowing smile and the familiar soft Irish brogue.

Ronan's latest success has to be the meteoric rise of Westlife, the baby Boyzone band which he manages. Asked whether he fears that the students will replace the teacher at the head of the Euro pop generation, his eyes twinkle: "It doesn't really worry me," he says, "I just want the boys to be the biggest group they can be."

He certainly hasn't given up the ghost himself however. Although Boyzone are coming up for the seventh anniversary of their founding, Ronan shows no signs of giving up the number one spot gracefully and the Westlife lads should expect stiff competition for the hearts and minds of today's pop-pickers.

Ronan will demonstrate clear evidence of that drive when the Irishman's UK tour starts on October 21 this show is proud to present Ronan In Concert, with a fantastic set that will take fans on a thrilling 'Rollercoaster' ride around the hottest pop tunes of today.

Genre: Music

Running Time: 90 minutes (approx)

Production Year: 2000