Automotiv is a Motoring programme.



If you're really into motors, this fast-paced, brand new series will be right up your street. It uncovers the basics - and extremes - of car technology and reveals all the latest advances in car security and customisation.

The first episode looks at the complex process of designing a car from scratch - and what better way to see how it's done than going to the experts? The Lotus Elise is renowned for its incredible handling and performance and a visit to the studios at Lotus Engineering shows how engineers and designers work together to achieve the mean machine that makes the finished product.

The programme will also look at Ford's fully integrated CAD design system, as used for the new Focus, Fiesta and Mondeo. The system allows designers to model and test a design on computer before committing to construction.

All this, and a trip to Caterham, home of the fearsome kit-car, the 'Caterham Seven'.

Genre: Motoring

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)