Mata Hari - Unveiling the Myth is a History Documentary programme.


Mata Hari - Unveiling the Myth

At Mata Hari's trial, the French military believed that they had captured one of the 20th century's greatest spies.

This documentary reveals that rather than being a master spy, Mata Hari was a master of self-invention. She arrived in Paris in 1904, a penniless Dutch divorcee. With some talent, she fooled Parisian society into believing she was an authentic Indian Temple dancer. Always in need of money, she agreed to spy for both France and Germany during the First World War. Upon her capture, she was blamed for the deaths of 50,000 French troops.

Mata Hari played a deadly game and lost, but her death created a legend. In 1917, she faced the firing squad, exquisitely dressed and without a blindfold.

Genre: History Documentary

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)